How Princess Polly Achieves Remarkable Growth with CollAble's Strategic Partnership
Leveraging targeted on-site placements and creator engagement to drive unprecedented sales and traffic increases.
Key Metrics
  - 156% MoM Sales
  - 181.4% MoM Clicks  
  - 200% of new creator onboarding
Princess Polly utilize flat fee optimization in February to push its promotional event through strategic on-site placements and influencer marketing, which not only increased brand visibility but also significantly broadened its influencer collaboration, resulting in outstanding growth in sales and traffic.
Capitalize on Princess Polly’s February promotion event to enhance brand exposure
Increased on-site placements to attract customers/new creators onboard
The collaboration led to a remarkable 156% growth in sales MoM, a 181.4% increase in clicks number and double number of new onboarded creators, far surpassing initial expectations.
We Make Collaborations Happen
We Make Collaborations Happen