Elevating Saks Fifth Avenue: A Multi-Faceted Partnership Approach
Elevating Saks Fifth Avenue Through Strategic CPS Partnerships and Influencer Engagement
Key Metrics
75% MoM Sales Growth
80%+ Influencer Active Rate
Over 3% Conversion Rate
Saks Fifth Avenue's collaboration with Collable, focusing on CPS partnerships and enhanced by website visibility, email marketing, and content from fashion bloggers, drove significant sales increases and strengthened the brand's reputation among influencers. Leveraging special events further amplified our promotional success.
To elevate Saks Fifth Avenue's sales and influencer connections through a strategic promotional mix, aiming for increased market presence and sustained success.
We implemented a comprehensive strategy that combined CPS partnerships with high-impact influencer collaborations, maximizing engagement through digital exposure, targeted emails, and influencer content. Special events provided additional unique growth opportunities for Saks.
This strategic approach markedly increased Saks Fifth Avenue's brand awareness and sales, showcasing the effectiveness of combining CPS partnerships with influencer marketing to achieve substantial and lasting market success.
We Make Collaborations Happen
We Make Collaborations Happen