A Gift-Centric Conetnt Strategy on Multi-channel Exposure, Boosting Sales Performance with Expectional CVR
Discover How Etsy's Unique Partnership with Creators Catalyzed Unprecedented Visibility and Engagement
Key Metrics
8.2M Audience Reached
120% Sales YOY Increase
2000+ Influencers Specializing in Gift Recommendations Joined
Focusing on curated gift recommendations and directly engaging the Chinese-American audience, Collable achieved a 120% growth in YoY sales for Etsy. This success was driven by strategic insights, a robust network of influencers, and content that resonated on gift, aligning Etsy's advertising strategies.
To broaden Etsy's marketplace visibility with a focus on unique, handcrafted gifts, while significantly elevating brand awareness and sales performance
Collable leveraged a dual-strategy approach that combined the universal appeal of gifts with community-specific insights through self-owned content site and influencer campaign. This involved deploying a blend of personalized content, including gift guides during cultural festivals, influencers sharing their own cultural heritage through Etsy finds, and user-generated content showcasing gift unboxing. Our channels included Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Weibo, Red, and Wechat, ensuring broad yet targeted exposure.
1. A 120% boost in sales YOY, far outpacing the initial target of a 50% increase.
2. Engagement with over 2000 influencers who specialize in creating content around gifts, with a significant portion coming from Chinese-American backgrounds, providing authenticity.
3. Through our content on mainstream social media platforms, we reached over 8.2M audience.
4. Notably, the campaign led to a tangible increase in CVR among Chinese-American consumers, illustrating the effectiveness of culturally tailored marketing strategies.
We Make Collaborations Happen
We Make Collaborations Happen