Precisely capture the target influencers
Capturing the attention of target influencers requires a strategic approach that resonates with their interests and aligns with their audience's expectations.
Key Metrics
1. Over +100% YoY at least.
2. Engage over 100 influencers at least.
3. Influencers through 4 platforms.
Creating a positive and productive environment between influencers and your brand is essential for increasing brand awareness and optimizing sales.
Over 10M UK audiences reached to boost the impact in the UK market, Over 100% of YoY increase recieved, over 90% of income from UK.
1. Establish Clear Communication:Keep influencers informed about your brand's latest news, products, and campaigns. Regular updates help them feel connected and valued.
2. Involvement in Strategy: Involve influencers in the campaign planning stages when possible. Their insights can lead to more authentic and effective content.
3. Competitive Compensation: Ensure that compensation reflects the value influencers bring to the brand.
1. Over 100+ influencers involved and engaged.
2. YoY increase over 143.14%
We Make Collaborations Happen
We Make Collaborations Happen