Unleashing Brand Potential & Tailored Thematic Campaigns
CollAble conducts exposure test for Hilton, initiates small-scale promotion plan on website, and optimize with crafts tailored campaign strategies based on the analysis of these test results.
Key Metrics
1. 400+% MoM sales increase
2. 68% MoM increase in creator engagement
3. 86% MoM increase in Audience Reached
CollAble leveraged small-scale tests and data-driven insights to tailor a promotional campaign for Hilton Hotels, achieving a remarkable 400% month-over-month sales increase and a 68% boost in creator engagement.
Our goal was to elevate Hilton's brand visibility and engagement through strategic marketing initiatives, culminating in significant month-over-month growth across key performance indicators.
CollAble initiated audience immersion in collaboration with Hilton, delving deep into audience behaviors and preferences. Following this, a meticulously crafted small-scale promotion plan was implemented on the Hilton website. Leveraging data analytics, CollAble devised tailored thematic campaign strategies designed to resonate with the target audience.
The results surpassed expectations, showcasing the effectiveness of CollAble's approach:
Achieved a remarkable 400+% month-over-month (MoM) increase in sales, demonstrating the tangible impact of our strategic marketing efforts.
Witnessed a substantial 68% MoM increase in creator engagement, indicative of the heightened interest generated by the thematic campaigns.
Experienced an impressive 86% MoM increase in Audience Reached, underscoring the expanded reach and visibility achieved through our tailored marketing initiatives.
Through our collaborative efforts with Hilton, we successfully unleashed the brand's potential, driving tangible results and elevating engagement to new heights.
We Make Collaborations Happen
We Make Collaborations Happen