Boosting Marriott's Brand Visibility and Engagement Through Strategic Influencer Campaign
Discover How Marriott's Partnership with Top Influencers Led to an Exceptional Increase in Global Reach and Customer Engagement
Key Metrics
43% Increase in Monthly Audience Reach
32% Increase in Influencer Engagement MoM
Expectional Engagement and Conversion Rates
Marriott's influencer campaign boosted customer reach by 43% and expanded its visibility, connecting with audiences through curated influential creators
Elevate Marriott's visibility and engagement, driving bookings and loyalty customers
Partnered with influencers across social platforms for genuine content showcasing Marriott's hospitality and unique brand experiences in both public and private
1. The collaboration with influencers led to a comprehensive growth of 32% Month-over-Month,  indicating a strong connection with the target audience and effectively broadening Marriott’s customer base.
2. The initiative not only elevated Marriott's brand awareness but also significantly increased direct bookings and loyalty program awareness, demonstrating the campaign’s direct increase on revenue and customer engagements.
We Make Collaborations Happen
We Make Collaborations Happen